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Tue 26 May 2015

Buy-to-let tips

With the housing market stabilising and experts agreeing that faith is returning, many people are finding the time to start buying to let again. So, if you're thinking about buying to let we're here to give the top tips you need to avoid trouble.

First of all, as with anything in the property market, doing your research is of utmost importance. Which areas are up and coming? Up and coming does not have to mean super expensive or super cheap and nasty. You need to look at where people like to live and why. Is the area close to a city centre or commuter hotspot? Or is it an area that might be popular with students?

Be sure to check what are other landlords charging their tenants and what are they offering for that amount. To this end, there are numerous Buy-to-Let mortgages offered by moFinally. When you've sorted all of this out it's time to start thinking about the property aesthetically because at the end of the day it's all about your target tenants.

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