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From February 2019 all property letting and sales agents were required to detail any referral fees they may receive from third parties whilst engaged in a property related business activity.

A&Fs group policy has always been that we would introduce our clients to the best service providers we could find, irrespective of any financial arrangements offered and, in some cases, we have refused financial payments from third parties, where offered.

Our current arrangements are:

Cooper Associates:  The independent mortgage brokers selected by us after our interviewing several local providers.  Coopers do not charge a client any fees for their services but they do receive a commission from any lender who subsequently grants a mortgage. In that regard this payment is shared with A&F where we have made the introduction to Coopers. The amount varies case to case but an average figure would be approximately £200. Clients are not under any obligation to use Coopers and are completely at liberty to make their own mortgage arrangements, if they prefer.

Lorica: Independent Insurance Broker used for large, commercial insurances. Multiple quotes are received from different insurers and the client selects which they prefer. A&F receive a 4% commission on premiums paid in the first year.  Clients are not under any obligation to use Lorica and may make their own insurance arrangements, if they prefer.

Conveyancing Solicitors: We are often asked to recommend (local) conveyancing solicitors.  We have a pool of local solicitors who we feel provide a good service and we tend to recommend purchasers to them on the basis of a ‘good fit’ and also by rotation.  We do not accept any commission from these solicitors for our introduction.

Rent4Sure: A provider of specialist insurances for tenants and landlords. A&F receive a small commission on any premiums paid in the first year – this varies but is usually between £12 and £14. Clients are not under any obligation to use Rent4Sure and may make their own insurance arrangements, if they prefer.